How do I book a shoot to create my imagery and wall art?

To book a session to create wonderful images and wall-art for your home, you can use the web-based form found in the 'contact' section of this website or telephone 07707 467061 leaving your name and contact information with your enquiry. You can also email me at

We will discuss the requirements of your tailored photoshoot and meet to hold the session. A viewing and ordering appointment will take place in the comfort of your own home approximately four weeks after the photoshoot takes place.

Please note your £95 creative session fee and signed client session agreement will be required at the time of booking to secure your booking slot.

What areas do you cover?

We cover a 20 mile radius from Wakefield city centre. We are also happy to discuss travelling further afield and additional travel costs, and accommodation costs where appropriate, are agreed in advance (45 pence per mile for car journeys).

What is your availability?

Outdoor photoshoots are timed to make best use of the natural light. This means they tend to take place on a Friday morning or late afternoon/evening, or on Saturday or Sunday mornings. There are only a limited number of shoots offered each month so please do book well in advance to avoid disappointment. We run the shoots when the light is at its best for photography,  avoiding the bright sun in the middle of the day.

What happens if it rains?

We will call you the day before if the weather forecast is for heavy rain and keep a close eye on the weather forecast. If heavy rain is forecast, we have a couple of choices available:

Option 1

We can postpone the shoot to another date at no additional cost to yourself.

Option 2

We can wait until the morning of the shoot and then make a decision.

If the shoot is postponed due to bad weather, there will be no additional cost to yourself for changing when the shoot will take place. 

How should I prepare? 

We like to tailor every session to you, and will discuss this with you ahead of the shoot. To develop a brief, think about whether you would like both action and portrait shots; will your dog sit/stay to command; do they have any personality traits you would like us to capture? Is there a particular wall art you would like for your home (eg a space for a large landscaped canvas in your front room?). This will ensure we can tailor the photoshoot to your needs on the day, alongside providing a wide variety of images.

We recommend your dog is groomed around one or two weeks before the session and that where possible their eyes are not covered over with fur. Their sparkly eyes enable their personality to shine through. Be mindful of any food or other marks on your dog before the start of the shoot, particular around their face.

We also recommend that you arrive ten to 15 minutes early to your chosen location, to give your dog chance to get comfortable. And, if you notice they have a lot of energy, you can take them for a quick walk to dispel some of it.

Then, once you arrive, just relax and enjoy. The sessions are no pressure. If there is an idea we'd like to try with your dog and he isn't feeling it, don't worry - we'll let your dog lead the way and create the script, to capture his true personality in a natural outdoor setting where he feels comfortable.

You also have the option to send me a digital image of the wall(s) where you want to display your final wall art. It is also useful to think about if your image needs to be landscape or portrait. We can discuss this when we arrange your photoshoot.

What should I bring?

Depending on the location and ground, I suggest you bring an alternative change of footwear and boots. Please also bring to the session lots of treats and toys for your dog, especially squeaky toys that you know your pet will respond to. If your dog's treats are usually large, try breaking them into smaller bits so we can use them in the session whilst making sure we don't give them too much.

Please also choose your favourite collar to show off in the shoot, and a long-thin leash if you need one.

What if I have more than one dog?

Up to two dogs can be photographed within a 90 minute shoot. An extra charge of £20 will apply for an additional dog and may require some additional time.

My dog may not sit still!

Don't worry! More than 70 per cent of the dogs I know don't : ) We want your dog photography session to be fun and, if your dog likes to run around, then so be it! I  aim to capture them at play showing their true personality. We encourage you to bring their favourite treats and toys to help capture their attention towards the camera.

My dog must stay on a leash

Many dogs need to say on a leash, and this is also nothing to worry about. If your dog cannot be let off a lead during walks and does not respond to recall, we can still capture their true nature with their lead and will discuss together how we can do this. Over and above, it is important that your dog is safe.

If your dog needs to stay on a leash, please  bring a long, thin leash with you - the longer it is the easier it is if you prefer not to be in any of the photos and for us to digitally remove the leash from the photo after the session. This way, we can create images where no one else will know the leash was there. You can also pick your favourite collar for your dog to show off in their photos. Please note that harnesses cannot be digitally removed.

Can I be included in the shoot?

Yes, we are  more than happy if you would like to be in some of the shots. Up to two owners/individuals can  be included in some of the images if you choose to do so.

My dog is not in the best of health?

We are  more than happy in these circumstances to photograph your dog and will ensure we understand any health implications during our initial consultation. At all times, we will only work within the guidelines given and work to ensure that your dog has fun and can enjoy the photoshoot. 

How do I choose and order my photographs and wall art?

Your viewing and ordering appointment will take place  within four weeks in the comfort of your own home when you will view and choose your favourite images and wall art products, or folio box. You also have the option in advance of this session to have a free digital mock up wall art display created using an image of your own wall. We can then work with you to further tailor this design at the viewing and ordering appointment if desired. Clients typically invest an average of £500 or more in their final artwork. Please note, if you have a product credit it is only valid for orders placed at your initial viewing and ordering appointment.

Can I use any of the photos for competitions or publications?

Images are for private use only so unfortunately you are not able to use your images for any competitions, publications or commercial purposes including but not limited to selling them for stock imagery or to sell products. The copyright for all images taken during the shoot remain the intellectual property and copyright of the photographer at Maria Jane Dog Photography. 

What next?

Contact me to make a booking or for a free consultation. Together, we will create magical memories for you to treasure.

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