Your photoshoot - Maria Jane Dog Photography

Would you like me to capture your dog's true personality and create beautiful wall art for your home?

Here, you won't find pristine studios with staged poses where your dog needs to be still. Instead, we'll head to the great outdoors full of mud, trees, grass and great landscapes where your dog will sniff, leap, run and play.

We will shoot outside where your dog feels comfortable and capture those unscripted moments that make your dog so special and unique. 

I tailor every photoshoot to each client, and aim to capture the true personality of your dog using natural light. 

Your photoshoot of around 90 minutes will take place at a location we choose together that can be special to your dog. It may be their favourite place to walk and play. We will decide together to ensure that we can allow their true personality to shine. I also know a range of locations to help you choose, if you would like.

An online private gallery of images will be available for purchase within approximately three weeks of your photoshoot. All photographs and wall art are produced by a multi-award winning and industry leading professional print company to ensure all images of your dog are only produced to the highest standard.

Contact me to learn more or book a photoshoot using the 'contact' link in the website menu or telephone 07707 467061.

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